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Q&A: I have two questions about mexican wedding cookies?

Question by Baby Jay: I have two questions about mexican wedding cookies?
1. Why are they wrapped in tissue paper? Is it symbolic of anything?
2. On what occasions are they served?

it’s for a spanish culture project and i can’t find this info anywhere. It’s real name is “Polvoron”. if you can answer this, please, if you can, include a source. :D thxx

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Answer by Deez Nuttz
Never had mexican wedding cookies! but you can try checking wikipedia under cultural weddings

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Questions about making a cookie bouquet?

Question by Lolcat: Questions about making a cookie bouquet?
I’m wanting to make a cookie bouquet for my friends family for easter. I’ve tried making it before but I had some problems.
first off how do I make a dough that will not spread or will not spread much because last time it distorted the shape.
How do I put the stick in the cookies. do I bake it in with the cookies? If they are the paper sticks will the catch on fire or scorch?
Thanks so much!

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Answer by willa
Refrigerated sugar cookie dough
Cookie sheet
Wooden craft sticks or thin dowels
Pre-mixed white icing
Food coloring
Metal spatula
Wax paper
Rubber band
Colored plastic wrap

Step 1:
Pre-heat your oven to the temperature on the cookie packaging.

Step 2:
Open a package of refrigerated sugar cookie dough. Roll out the dough into eight 2-inch-sized balls or use a small heart cookie cutter to shape the dough into heart shapes.

Step 3:
Place the balls onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Insert wooden craft sticks or thin dowels into each cookie ball. Flatten the balls slightly.

Step 4:
Bake for about 13-to-15 minutes. Check on the cookies toward the end of the timeframe and remove them when the edges of the cookies are browned and crisp.

Step 5:
Mix icing with pre-mixed white icing and food coloring while your cookies are baking. You can use icing on your cookies with different colors or just use red and white.

Step 6:
Use a metal spatula to move the cookies from the cookie sheet to a sheet of waxed paper when they are done. Let them cool completely before icing.

Step 7:
Put the cookies together to make a bouquet. Wrap a rubber band around the ends of the sticks and wrap the sticks with colored plastic wrap.

***You can also make your bouquet out of chocolate chip cookie dough if you don’t want to spend time icing them.

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