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SPACE COOKIES -Live at Battersea Park, London

SPACE COOKIES -Live at Battersea Park, London 18/5/14 . Music 4 Children – Polish Rock Fest (charity event)
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Cocoa Cardamom Cereal Cookies: Trailer Park Christmas Show

Merry Trailer Park Christmas!! Cocoa Cardamom Cereal Cookies! I wanted to share with you my FAVORITE holiday cookie recipe! WOW! These cookies are SOOO good! They use your favorite cocoa corn puff cereal! And Yes, they do use an unusual foreign and somewhat expensive spice… but the taste is AMAZING!!!! (I paid about for my bottle of ground cardamom) They are SUPER easy to make, and EVERYONE will love that it merges one of their favorite breakfast staples into a sugary cookie treat: CEREAL! Please rush out and try these! You’ll be quite suprised! My double-wide still is VERY fragrant with the smell of exotic cardamom! They’ll be more cooking shows soon, just around the corner! So be sure to subscribe and hang tight! Leave a comment and rate! Check out all my other cooking shows right here on YouTube! And a BIG old welcome to all my new susbcribers after my feature on the YouTube front page! I can’t wait to meet you! And all ya’ll that are always quiet, say something :) I’ll be back to answer your well wishes, your comments and your questions late Christmas night! Love You! BE White Trash With Class! Merry Trailer Park Christmas Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen Makes about 4 dozen cookies… Great news! About 50 calories each! Shopping List: 2 eggs 1 cup sugar 2 cups chocolate flavored corn puff cereal 1 cup all purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom 1/8 teaspoon salt Pre-Heat oven to 375 And watch my video!
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Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies : Day 18 Trailer Park Christmas 2012

Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies : Day 18 Of Trailer Park Christmas 2012 Join Jolene inside The Trailer Park Test Kitchen as she whips up a tasty Cookie with Lemon Extract, Cornmeal and Raisins! These fancy cookies with a crinkle top will look great on the Buffet table and have such a bright flavor! Change out the Raisins to Cranberries or another Fruit mixture if you like! Cream Cheese, Corn Meal and a Medley of Dried Fruit make these Cookies a real Winner! So easy to make using Lemon Extract! I hope you get a chance to make them, and if you do, send pictures! See you tomorrow! Love, Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen There won’t be a certain time that the video will be up each day, it’s hard enough to do 25 days.. so bear with us at The Trailer Park! Don’t forget to follow The Trailer Park On Twitter : Add The Trailer Park On Google + Follow Jolene on Pinterest for Fun Trailer Budget Tips Add Jolene as a friend on FaceBook : Caution I post pictures of my cat! Subscribe for more Cooking Shows
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MaryJose's Recipe: Lemon's Cookies Part2

The happiness to share with you healthy, tasting and easy recipe. For the list of ingredients visit the site: We are waiting for your comments and suggestions
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Spm (South Park Mexican) – Cookie Baker – The Purity Album

With Lyrics!!!!!! [hook] home maka cookie baka i need a woman that can shake and baka quarta key down to a oz down to a 22 a motha fukin stoned g home maka cookie baka i need a woman that can shake and baka lb down to a kp down to a oz down to swish a swish to all my ladies in the world all my fishes in the sea to all my nigas who got them gurls that are stuck on currency i do not know whut it feels like to let em take all yo paper cuz i ever did iba captain saver.let me show u how i take a one head to know a paper let the gurl b done didnt even show a paer shes a home maka baken cookie baka makin crunk luv while we watchin rickie laka not a heart braka but a body stumulata one that ease yo mind the time we smokin a pint we joke we let it go we loose control smoke this dope while we kick and if you were stuck up hoe then bitch u better get wit it.several times severl nights but you make my money rise all my fo’s you despsie and you got me hipnotized but im not gone on dope im stuck on curva c that woman cursin me i like them certain things i wana.. [hook] [spm] when i saw you in the club gurl lookin so fine i knew i had to get closer to bump and grind then i whispered in yo ear are you busy right now?u sed no slim yo keys and said come on down so i could see you shake that ass gurl make it bounce as i stack all my cash we be blowin an ounce so lets keep it a secret keep it under the cover.dont tell a single soul not even yo motha.see all thse chulas in my city comin
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Discover tips for a wide array of shapes and flavors of Mexican cookies.

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