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How to translate my Yahoo German to English? Where is the language option button?

Question by : How to translate my Yahoo German to English? Where is the language option button?
You see, I moved to germany and now everything I read on yahoo is in german. I cant find the thing that says language options, and I need help locating it. Help?

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Answer by echinopsis .
Taken from the Yahoo help pages:


If you'd prefer to visit Yahoo.com instead, click on the Yahoo.com link located directly below the Yahoo! logo.

If cookies are enabled, your browser will navigate directly to Yahoo.com on all subsequent visits. For more information on cookies, please visit our privacy page

If cookies are disabled, you'll continue to be redirected each time you visit Yahoo! You can prevent this either by enabling cookies or directly typing http://us.yahoo.com into your browser. Visitors to http://us.yahoo.com will be shown the same site as Yahoo.com.

Finally, if you feel that we're detecting your IP address incorrectly, please use the Feedback link below to send us the following information:

1. Your IP address.

If you don't know your IP address, please visit http://www.whatismyip.com and send us the IP that is listed on the top of the page. Your IP address will look something like this:

2. Your location (e.g. Seoul, Korea).

3. The Yahoo! site you're being redirected to (e.g. au.yahoo.com).

If we're able to fix the problem, we'll do so as soon as possible.>>

Note: I happen to be the leader of the board for YC Germany, but I’m much more active on YA than on YC. I log on almost daily in the Yahoo products category – if you have specific questions about living in Germany, feel free to post it, I’m bound to catch it sooner or later…

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