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How to Make iPhone :-9 (Egg-Free Chocolate Cookies) Recipe iPhoneクッキーの作り方 (レシピ)

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Beijing Cake Shop Whips up iPhone Cookie and iPad Cake Frenzy

For more news visit ☛ english.ntdtv.com Follow us on Twitter ☛ http Add us on Facebook ☛ facebook.com iPhones and iPads are so popular in Beijing that people don’t seem to get enough of them as they are. A creative dessert shop in China’s capital is doing brisk business selling designer iPhone cookies and iPad cakes. But, just like the real deal, the shop owner says she has to worry about knock-off products. Beijingers go through crazes for western food, from pizzas to burritos to burgers, and now designer cakes are their new hot dogs. Chinese American Carol Chow is running the most fashionable custom made dessert shop ‘CCSweets’ in downtown Beijing. Carol has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and Art History. She’s also a certified gemologist with a degree from GIA and a Chocolatier. Except for selling cup cakes in her shop, Chow spends most of her time dealing with customized orders, ranging from iPhones to cartoon figures to handbags—all in vivid patterns. iPhone cookies and iPad cakes are the most popular among the customers and the price tag of an iPhone biscuit starts from 228 yuan, or 35 US dollars. [Carol Chow, CCSweets Shop Owner]: “I made iPhone and iPad desserts because they are really popular at the moment. People all want it but most of them can’t get it. So I think it’s fun to make cookies or cakes of them. They can be customized by adding different messages.” Using gourmet quality ingredients to create little morsels of joy, Chow chooses to import

Learn how an expert cookie baker makes her popular cheesecake cookies. This video is part of 12 Days of Cookies show hosted by Jill Cordes . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Food Network chefs share how to make their favorite Christmas cookies.

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