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Q&A: Halloween Inspired Cupcake ,Frosting,and cookie Flavors.?

Question by noname: Halloween Inspired Cupcake ,Frosting,and cookie Flavors.?
Hello,This is a school project ..will be hosting a halloween /haunted house party to raise fund toward opening a new school.I am Looking for good extraordinary out of the box frosting,cupcake and cookie flavors. I aprecciate for your help and would like more of Autum/halloween inspired flavors.. If you have exact recipes that would be apreciated as well thank you.

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Answer by lunastyxpanda
i hope this site helps you with what you are looking for, there are a bunch of neat cupcakes and sweets on here for halloween and fall, i use this site alot myself in fact for the different holidays, there are pictures and recipes included on the site.

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