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hunger games with cookie #2

hello viewiers i like u all u guys r great.there is alittel problem in this 1 i lose but my team mate cheats and we agrre i i win 2 in a hears …

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Q&A: Why am I having bursts of extreme hunger on a gluten free diet?

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by Jagrap

Question by boratsmom: Why am I having bursts of extreme hunger on a gluten free diet?
I just went gluten free 2 weeks ago and have no clue what is causing this craziness. I will not be hungry at all one minute, and the next I will feel as if I am starving to the point of near death. At the same time, all I am REALLY hungry for is a light snack. I eat a light snack (ravenously) and then I feel better. Then a little later, it happens all over again. What am I missing here? Why is this happening? I was thinking it could possibly be a lack of carbs, but upon examining the food I’ve been eating, I have been getting nearly as many carbs as before. Anyone have an ideas?

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Answer by Sir Arthur Gloin Merek The 3rd
Nutriments. Your body lack of Nutriments, just eat fruits, legumes, eggs, olive oil and you’ll be like a horse!

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