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Q&A: Low Fat/Light cookie recipes?

Question by saratgoo: Low Fat/Light cookie recipes?
Anyone have any low fat/light recipes for cookies? Also, does anyone know if substituting applesauce for oil (as done in cake mixes) will work for cookies?
Any thoughts on Splenda bake?

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Answer by Artist’s Girl
The absolute best resource you can find for healthy food, lower fat and lower calorie food swaps, finding and ordering hard to locate healthy food options. reviews of healthy products, guides to eating out healthily, great healthy recipes, and tons of other stuff is http://hungrygirl.com/ which is run by a woman who knows what she’s talking about! I subscribe to the website’s daily emails and have met with nothing but success and satisfaction buying the products recommended (which are only endorsed if the people running the website have actually eaten and love the product), making the recipes offered, and trying the healthy swaps. Everything you need to know is there, including this super simple recipe that I’ll leave you with. Instead of swapping applesauce for oil in a cake mix, simply combine one can of pure pumpkin with a boxed brownie mix and bake according to package directions for unbelievably healthy fudgy brownies. Check out HG, and good luck!

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