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Charleston Cookie Company

The Charleston Cookie Company was conceived at Christmas in 2001 after a two-month quest to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. The company’s founder, Judith Moore, a lifetime hobby-baker, began trying all the already-printed recipes she could find. None of them produced the result she was seeking. Finally, she decided to start from scratch, building her own recipe based on a butter-cookie dough. Gradually, a team of avid cookie fans began to form and the company was born. In October 2003, The Charleston Cookie Company, LLC, was officially launched. We are blessed to have a dedicated baking staff spearheaded by our Chef, Judy Papadimitriou. Judy’s experience and expertise provides us with the background in large-scale, production baking as well as more customized, specialty cookies and brownies. All of us at The Charleston Cookie Company believe that our company is committed to baking and selling the best cookies and brownies possible. We also believe in working hard, in having fun, in bringing a smile to people’s faces and in supporting our vision of, in our own small way, bringing joy to the lives of those who buy our cookies.

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