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Q&A: What healthy foods can i eat as i am just diagnosed as a diabetic?

Question by *D*u*d*e*I*t*s*M*c*B*: What healthy foods can i eat as i am just diagnosed as a diabetic?
I am a diabetic and i need a healthy diet so it will not effect my health.Please could you list some suggestions for breakfast lunch and dinner.

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Answer by Ash
First of all you should talk to your doctore. he/she is the best source for u. but if u want a diabetic diet i will let you know i got this from my doctor.
You have to know how to count carbs have less carb in the morning..
Breakfast 2 slices of whole wheat bread with either boiled egg or fried egg 1tbs peanut butter or 1 oz lean meat or 1/4 cup tuna. tea with lemon.
Lunch 2 clices whohle what bread or 2/3 cup cooked rice 3/4 cup fruit yougurt(no sugar added) 1-2 slices meat or 1 soya burger 1-2 teaspoons of margarine.
Dinner 1 cup cooked noodles or 1 medium potato or 1 medium apple or 1 cup mix fruit. 1 medium chikcen breast or pork chop 1/2 cup tofu. 1-2 teaspoon margarine or salad dressing.
Don’t forget to have your snacks. after each meal slecet any of these snacks
4 melba toast 1 slice cheese or 1/4 cup cottage cheese or 1/2 cup nuts/seeds or 2 digestive cookies. 1 medium apple or orange or 4 social tea biscuits. 1 cup of low fat milk. 1/2 1 meat or cheese sandwich.
P.S have salad with each meal. you can have as much salad and vegetables as you want. so everytime even after your meal u feel hungry have a bowl full of salad. u can only have 1-2teaspoon of salad dressing. I alwayz put lemon with black pepper(there is no limit to lemons) it tasts better than dressing.

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