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Does anyone know what desert this is?

Question by ♥: Does anyone know what desert this is?
I know Its a polish pastry. They are these balls of like sweet bread or dough of some sort with some type of glaze over them. Does anyone know the name, and does anyone have a recipe?
thanks a lot.
It has a solid dough center, and the glaze on the outside is hardened.

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Answer by Melissa V
The ball kind of sound like cream puffs

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What type of desert should I make?

Question by Layla: What type of desert should I make?
I’m trying to think of what type of desert to make my boyfriend and his folks for the holidays. I’ve got my mind on many things like a holiday cake, holiday brownies, holiday muffins, holiday cookies, etc… Whatever I make, I am gonna decorate it but anyways, what type of desert is good for the holidays, especially for like Christmas?

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Answer by Kate
holiday cookies!!

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