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Cookies…. Vlog Day 76! (4-21-13)

Spending time with the sisters, best friends and brother in law! Pizza, Cookies, Nail Polish, and fun! Enjoy! COMMENT! SUBSCRIBE! THUMBS UP! My Twitter: www….

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Christmas cookies….?

Question by barb: Christmas cookies….?
okay so im making christmas sugar cookies for christmas eve. but i was planning on baking and decorating them sunday night.

should i decorate them that night or wait till the next day before i leave for the party?

also what is the best way keep the cookies fresh and soft overnight?

whats your favorite icing recipe? ( im looking for one that is like a hard icing that is frequently used to decorate cookies with different colors)

thank you. any help is appreciated.

happy holidays.

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Answer by mani
decorate them the next day because i decorated my cake the before once and it looks weird the next day so my advice is do it next day so it looks fresh

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