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Do you think beauty is more important than love?

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by ptufts

Question by Smile :]: Do you think beauty is more important than love?
My so called friends I hang out with always want to be the popular kids and they act like one. When we first met, we were a little bit like Tom boys. (You know, no makeup and dresses that time) but now, they’ve changed so much but I’m still the same girl I’ve always been. I love them as a friend but they don’t love me back as a friend since I don’t want to change myself. I wear plain things like how normal people wear in my school. (Shirt, jeans, shoes) but they started to wear nail polish, LOTS of jewelry, kind of “showing” clothes, and they want to wear makeup but my school doesn’t allow it. They actually use me to be their “slave” and they always tell me what to do and I hate it!

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Answer by Coach
Depends, if u have big titties or a huge dick, then it does. If u look like Franck Ribery, then your screwed. If you look like the cookie monster, then your fine

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