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It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season

Since we blog about amazing cookies, why not include Girl Scout cookies? They are addictive. One of my favorite cookies is the Samoa, otherwise known as Caramel deLites in some places. I thought they had changed the name, but I had no idea they were manufactured by two different companies.  It makes me wonder if they taste differently… hmmm….

For some reason, we’ve never had a girl scout stop by our house. I’m not sure why. We live in a neighborhood of children, so you would think someone would find us. Maybe they assume we’ve already been asked. Oh well, they are missing out on a big sale! I have been known to buy at least 10 boxes at a time. (We have a big family… or at least that’s my excuse. ha!)

I tend to find my Girl Scout cookies at my neighborhood Wal-mart. For the past two weekends, they have been camping out and finding me. Oh no! What is a person to do? I just can’t say no to those addictive little treats. I can eat the whole box in 5 minutes. Between thin mints and caramel delites, I’m in trouble! ;-)

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