Sugar Cookie Meltdown

Bridgette attempts to make sugar cookies.. And FAILS
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  1. TheDragonace123 says:

    Omg duck tape that fatass mouth sound brig

  2. cheerikyindian says:

    Uhhhh one word….. (PERIOD)

  3. cheerikyindian says:

    Its that time of month bredgette

  4. amymoore10000 says:

    Pickle boy you shouldnt demand the cookies if your such a good cook do it yourself

  5. mike Rodriguez says:


  6. ashrafm927 says:

    Aster lol

  7. AsterDXZ says:

    If this is how she acts with making sugar cookies, (the easiest shit to bake) never let her play COD

  8. AsterDXZ says:

    Bridgette must have taken a few extra bitchy pills with her breakfast that morning

  9. Chase2950 says:

    shes got fat hips, if you’ve ever met her in person

  10. SexiiPiippy says:

    Omg i would smack the fire outta her . Shes fat and spoiled and ugly . Fucking bitch

  11. Kayla Shea says:

    I want you out of this house! Fat boy wants cookies. Lmao

  12. iiTwistedSerenity says:

    Lol is she fuckin five years old?

  13. jetsamjetsam says:

    fat bitch dumb head dumb hands

  14. Vito Donworryboutit says:

    lol… get her!

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