Such thing as sugar free sugar cookies?

Question by j.deadly05: Such thing as sugar free sugar cookies?
I am wanting to make cookies for an event at work. I work with children and I want to make sugar free cookies. I also want to use the cookie cutters I have, and I’ve found that sugar cookies work well for cutters. But, where can I find a recipe for sugar free sugar cookies? Or do any of you know of any other cookies that would work well for cookie cutters?


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Answer by Rebecca S
Use Splenda instead of sugar.

Peanut Butter cookies hold a shape pretty well as long as your dough is not sticky.

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  1. mama29 says:

    You can use splenda baking blend in the same sugar cookie recipe for half the sugar and the same taste texture. You can substitute all splenda for all the sugar but the texture is likely to change (be thinner). I make sugar free lower fat cookies all the time for my motherinlaw who is diabetic. It is good and simple-

    coconut macaroons
    2.5 cups unsweetened shredded coconut (try whole foods)
    2 egg white (beat with a fork well before adding to mix)
    1 tsp. vanilla (real stuff or 2 tsp. of fake)
    0.75 cups granulated sugar OR SPLENDA

    mix it all together with a fork until it is completely mixed. Use a silpat sheet on your cookie sheet and use a 2 inch scoop to scoop up mix. Use a butter knife to level it off before turning out scoop. It is a bit sticky but after a scoop or two you will get the hang of it. For Christmas I made these with a strip of dried apricot across the top (put the apricot strip in the scoop before spooning in the coconut mix). Bake on 375 F I believe for about 20 minutes or until done in the middle and light golden brown. These are not hard to make really, and people RAVE about how good they are. Good luck!

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