Stealing Fortune Cookies and Drunk Russians

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  1. pooeyyeoop1 says:

    240p we meet again.

  2. mmafyasco says:

    & big tits !

  3. whatsgoingon07 says:

    my local chinese restaurant gives out free fortune cookies!

  4. buffaloface1 says:

    bit dissapointed when i realised ana with ana wasnt what i thought

  5. yfset8 says:


  6. muntasir20 says:

    modern tanks dont even slide on ice even more so for Russian ones

  7. newstarcadefan says:

    Damn, that’s a good one!

  8. hot4art says:

    Yeah, most of the time I’m only watching this show cuz of her charm.

  9. BrokenPuzzle says:

    XD I love how you get these cute stories from Russia in America, but really? Russians , well not all of them since I am Russian and I almost never drink, are mean drunks

  10. shanghaisam37 says:

    We Americans love drunk Russians, we find the stereotype very endearing.

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