St. Patricks Day Cookie Decorating!

St. Patricks Day Cookie Decorating!

At our friends and family are “green” with envy when we whip up these St. Patrick’s Day delights. You don’t have to tell them how easy it is, either! With our step-by-step Video Books, your results can rival the pros the first time you try. Life’s too short not to be Irish, so show your Irish flair with our Cookie Decorating Made Easy guides!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Our furry blue friend visits the psychologist… Directed & Edited by Nathan Moore: Starring: Lana McKissack Nathan Moore Chester See: I can also be found at:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. candiesarefun says:

    Wonderful :D

  2. TheGhettoGourmet says:

    Cookies made easy? Geez. That looks like a lot of effort. Good job.

  3. Aznsk8terkdn says:

    lol 0:15 right up that ass

  4. biddystar says:

    Really beautiful! What did you placed into the cup to make your cookies stand up like that?

  5. odixea says:

    beautiful work! I really liked it!

  6. vVmarianoSv says:

    four rooms’ s girl!

  7. Brad Anderson says:

    she’s so hot . . . i want lana mckissack to kiss my sack;)

  8. XsalvadorianX says:

    She looks so good.

  9. mojojojo2020 says:

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  10. Kristianna Flores says:

    What has this world come to? That monsters on PBS need to go to a Psychologist.

  11. Sandra John says:

    r they talking bout drugs,cookies or both

  12. mdeleon221 says:

    Best part is chester

  13. TsundereSushi says:

    “Nope” in the cutest voice ever…

  14. Minousha Lucas says:

    OMG chester hahaha

  15. Martin Ytrekid says:

    try watch this with only audio

  16. Luna Chase says:

    Once you see the Gag Reel you realize how much of a good job they did considering how long it took them to focus XD

  17. TheApoke says:

    You saw the video too?

  18. MisterSomethingness says:

    He is the veggie monster now… He’s green…

  19. YourSweetPotato says:

    No, Lana is Lana. She is unique.

  20. Hong Sivpeng says:

    she’s very hot with the dress <3

  21. alidancer21hp says:

    is lana really engaged??? someone help!!

  22. Ethan Meyers says:


  23. Stevenn338 says:

    Sexah…damn that redhead (LOL)

  24. La DiDa says:

    I love how Chester’s laugh is so much higher pitched than Lana’s! xD

  25. purpleluver811 says:

    Where did they get that awesome costume!!!

  26. brelandgt says:

    lol titty monster

  27. ellabay999 says:

    Lana-oh you mean my jugs…

  28. insanitydweller says:

    You’re awesome, Lana! And your cookies too! *ifyouknowwhatimean*

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