St.Patrick’s day and Leprechaun ideas!?

Question by Wolfers, Champlain, Lil’ Fella: St.Patrick’s day and Leprechaun ideas!?
What do YOU do on St.Patrick’s day? What would be good breakfast and lunch ideas to celebrate ( picky kid friendly)? What are some good clues and hiding places for the goodies? How do I make it look like there really was a leprechaun here? Thanks!!!!!!

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Answer by Life Created God
Use green water clean up green paint and baby shoe to make tiny foot prints on tile floor. Use paint lightly for easier clean up.

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  1. bebe says:

    soda bread. corned beef. reuben. get rainbows, glitter, and pots of gold!

  2. The Wild Man says:

    food coloring in scrambled eggs…..Lucky charms cereal…….corned beef and cabbage…have the treats hidden in glasses ..cupp Happy St Patricks Day 2012 shoesetc that they use on daily basis that they will find quickly

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