Springerle cookie press

Jory making Springerle at Bennison’s Bakery, November 30th 2010.
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Need some help with kitchen appliances? Our expert is here to teach you how to use a cookie press in this free video on cooking utensils. Expert: Dennise Juernigan Bio: Dennise Juernigan is an independent Pampered Chef consultant who has been working with kitchen utensils for several years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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  1. kindafoggy says:

    Very well done. Economy of motion and not a second wasted! I’ve seen two methods of ensuring that the pressed pattern retains it’s shape: “drying” overnight at a coolish room temperature of 65 degrees, or putting the cookie dough in the freezer overnight before pressing and for an additional hour after pressing and before baking. Can you recommend a sure-fire method? Do you use hartshorn in your recipe? If drying overnight, unrefrigerated, wouldn’t the raw egg in the dough be a health concern?

  2. Lisa Lazar says:

    Awesome and methodical! I really enjoy the use of angle iron!

  3. Framberly Matos says:

    Nice cookie sheet…

  4. rosecoloreddeath says:

    I hope she relises that they wilnot hold there shape since its sugar cookie dough and not “sprits” cookie dough…

  5. TheKplusTheA says:

    on martha stewart today they gave a butter cookie recipe special to use (check out their website maybe). also they said to have the dough cool down in the fridge for a few hours, then take it out so it goes back to room temp. but, i’m not sure if that makes a big diff. or not.

  6. Robert Napier says:

    I love sucking big cocks

  7. kwiat77 says:

    can’t focus on the cookie press – look at that cleavage!

  8. Kristiang79 says:

    Helpful! I have this same cookie press. If you just press once on the Christmas tree, you get perfect trees!

  9. alexismbrooks says:

    Thanks for the demonstration :)

  10. SmokeMunkey says:

    Very Helpful, Thanks!

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