Spm (South Park Mexican) – Cookie Baker – The Purity Album

With Lyrics!!!!!! [hook] home maka cookie baka i need a woman that can shake and baka quarta key down to a oz down to a 22 a motha fukin stoned g home maka cookie baka i need a woman that can shake and baka lb down to a kp down to a oz down to swish a swish to all my ladies in the world all my fishes in the sea to all my nigas who got them gurls that are stuck on currency i do not know whut it feels like to let em take all yo paper cuz i ever did iba captain saver.let me show u how i take a one head to know a paper let the gurl b done didnt even show a paer shes a home maka baken cookie baka makin crunk luv while we watchin rickie laka not a heart braka but a body stumulata one that ease yo mind the time we smokin a pint we joke we let it go we loose control smoke this dope while we kick and if you were stuck up hoe then bitch u better get wit it.several times severl nights but you make my money rise all my fo’s you despsie and you got me hipnotized but im not gone on dope im stuck on curva c that woman cursin me i like them certain things i wana.. [hook] [spm] when i saw you in the club gurl lookin so fine i knew i had to get closer to bump and grind then i whispered in yo ear are you busy right now?u sed no slim yo keys and said come on down so i could see you shake that ass gurl make it bounce as i stack all my cash we be blowin an ounce so lets keep it a secret keep it under the cover.dont tell a single soul not even yo motha.see all thse chulas in my city comin
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Discover tips for a wide array of shapes and flavors of Mexican cookies.

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  1. Icecorpse420 says:

    messed up some lyrics hah

  2. rachellepruneau says:

    love this

  3. chikanagurl3 says:

    head bob

  4. lupio013 says:

    dude wtf i wrong wit you my nigga stop smoke’n sherm or what ever you do 4 real n go get ya self checked nigga

  5. MrErnie4lyfe says:

    im 15 and i would LOVE to get molesteed by spm i would fuck with him hardcore
    yes…. im a whore so what
    i would try to fuck YOUR boyfriend
    and i bet he would think i do it betta than you
    HOE PRIDE!!!!!

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