Spider Web Halloween Cookies

Spider Web Halloween Cookies http://www.woodlandbakeryblog.com/
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  1. Naomi Haugh says:

    spooky for halloween.

  2. Sandfrie says:

    You should see me with spiders =____= Really… If they are in a closed
    space where they can’t get out they are quite okay (if they are not
    huge…) but if I see a spider on a wall or floor I scream and run out of
    the room untill my mom comes and takes it away XD

  3. Anne Mcmillian says:

    Those are cute

  4. ansset84 says:

    this spiders are awful! I know that this cookie is super tasty, but I think
    I wouldn’t eat it because of the spider :)

  5. jamaicajen1 says:

    Love your videos :)

  6. mercurio618 says:

    Get to the blog LOL

  7. WoodlandBakery says:

    Love it this way!!

  8. WoodlandBakery says:

    I did Grasshopper Cake Pops and Also Rudolph ones

  9. WoodlandBakery says:

    to get out any air that has been trapped in the bag, what Samantha said!

  10. Lexi Trent says:

    Can you do cake pops

  11. monkeymagic0109 says:

    Yo dude!! Never question the worlds best pastry chef!!! And she does it to
    get out any are so it doesn’t explode on the cookie! Btw u rock crumb
    boss!!!!!!!!!!!! Could I please have a shout out? If not. Don’t mind :) xx

  12. monkeymagic0109 says:

    Sorry I meant air not are

  13. Samantha D. says:

    to release any air thats in the bag so the icing comes out in one smooth

  14. eloise entwisle says:

    why do you pipe on the table before you start piping properly ?

  15. Samantha D. says:

    “..it’s a little cold in the bakery today”..words I don’t think I have ever
    heard come out of your mouth! Usually it’s 100 degrees as you say!

  16. WoodlandBakery says:

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