Special Guest RadioJH Audrey and I Make Unicorn Poop Cookies!

Special Guest RadioJH Audrey and I Make Unicorn Poop Cookies! Want One? lol :) Thanks For Watching! Check out RadioJH Audrey’s channel: http://goo.gl/6iG1Pl …
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Read the blog post here: http://cookiescupcakesandcardio.com/?p=5821 Learn how to turn Draculaura into a Monster High doll cake in this video tutorial. Make …

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  1. Aimee Clarke says:

    hi Mallory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mia wallace says:

    are you both friends or cuzins

  3. Heart Ashley Laberinto says:

    audrey was talking more even tho it was mal webs channel

  4. Thea Sofia Lanon says:

    How old is Mal Web?

  5. Seth Lightfoot says:

    yummy poo ha ha ha!!

  6. Aga Joa says:

    Hey mabe u can play five nights at Freddy’s with radio Audrey!! It would be
    so funny watching u guys scream XD

  7. RadioJH Audrey says:

    mmmmmm unicorn poop! XD

  8. Jewle says:

    Hmh looks yummy also I love u +Mal Web and +Raido Aurdey u guys are awesome
    and I’m glad I subscribed to both of your channels ^w^

  9. Aaron smalley says:

    I’m 9

  10. Ardreck Doromal says:

    Hi +Mal Web I’m Therese im 8 and im 4 ft tall I’m using my cousin’s account

  11. Amira Imran says:

    Did you follow nerdy mummies

  12. Trinity Tran says:

    Did you get this from iHasCupquake?

  13. AJ Love says:

    Niceeee :D DD
    I should really try this XD

  14. austin arduine says:

    coool that is amazing

  15. Ever After Crazy Evanny says:

    Lol I can tell that feels like play do

  16. Izzy Fishburn says:

    I am a unicorn

  17. Amy Reeve Sharratt says:

    How could nobody like this. This is HILARIOUSXD

  18. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio says:

    Monster High Doll Cake !

    #monsterhigh #monsterhighgirls #monsterhighfreakyfusion #cake
    #cakedecorating #cakedesign

  19. Sweet y Salado says:

    My niece is a Monster High freak but I just can’t keep track of all the
    dolls they now have. I’m glad you chose to do a cake with one of the dolls
    I do recognize! LOL

  20. arrabella WILLNER says:

    You are awesome at making and decorating cakes and you just made draculaura
    very pretty ;) 

  21. Willow Greene says:

    I love monster high

  22. Adu Venku says:

    Can u do ever after high

  23. αℓρнα яσѕу says:

    I love the little poetic story you put at the end.
    Happy one day late Halloween!

  24. zeibma2011 says:

    When are you gonna continue the story? That was interesting …. Also nice
    cake! I’m gonna make his for my cousins birthday. It’s like a present and
    cake all in one!

  25. Alpha Diallo says:

    Happy Halloween everybody!!!

  26. dove lila says:

    Great cake

  27. Monika Maneva says:

    Wow! You are so good!

  28. DianaBeauty says:

    What can I use instead of the butter cream?

  29. Merthurmad says:

    cool cake, I love Monster High.

  30. Patricia Gonzalez says:

    Nice and also I liked your pic on Instagram

  31. AnimaSola3o4 says:

    Now show us the best way to cut and serve one of these cakes lol. :) 

  32. Tamara L. Kent says:

    That is so awesome

  33. Brandy Feng says:

    Like All Of Your Videos

  34. Marlon Mezquita says:

    I loved it

  35. Ron M says:

    COOL…. :) 

  36. nurul izzati says:


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