Something crafty to do with 100′s of fortunes from fortune cookies?

Question by mommyandwife2thebest: Something crafty to do with 100′s of fortunes from fortune cookies?
I have been collecting fortunes from fortune cookies for years now and I have 100′s. I need some ideas of what I could do with them. Something crafty and artistic!!! Maybe something I could use in my home as decoration! Any suggestions would be great.

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Answer by Jay
Find an Oriental vase of some kind and glue the fortunes close to each other over the whole vase so you really can’t see the vase it self ,just the fortunes then when it dries, decoupage the outside of the vase to preserve the outside and seal the whole thing and it will dry clear. Once that is done buy some dry Bamboo chutes to put inside the vase. It would make a unique decoration and a nice conversation piece.

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  1. im just who i am says:

    if you have enough i would suggest you paste them all on to one wall of your house, that would look amazing.

    other wise you could get a few canvases paint em if you want and glue them on, leave gaps inbetween to show the colour you painted it,

    or you could do something like make coasters, with them, also make the big coasters (the ones you put hot pots/hot dishes on, if you know what i mean)

    or like the person before me said somthing about a vase… get some different size glass vases and/or glass bottles, glass storage containers and make a paper mache thing over them with all the fortunes from the fortune cookies, and have it as a ordimen thing on a coffee table or something like that.

    if you have left over ones or want to do something different, why not make some cards with them, or place one in a gift for somone,

    coat a shelf with them? or a glass window? -you’ll have to have some kind of ahesive though. even coat a small glass window near the front door (if there is one there) it would be really interesting, especially to visitors!

    i dont know, its up to you hope you liked my ideas!

    anyway hope that helped :)

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