Somali Shortbread Cookies (Icun – 2 nooc) Sablés Somalis الغريبة

In Somalia, street vendors selling these cookies say, “Icun icalaanji caloosha iggee (iggeli).” It means “Eat me, chew me, and dispatch me to the stomach.” T…

  1. Abdirrahman A Hassan says:

    maashaa alaah
    waan ka heley habka loo diyaariyey

  2. Shazia Shaikh says:

    masha allah..
    love it how generous somali ppl n their cusine is..
    as a kid v had a neighbr..she use to make all dese goodies..i miss all tht..
    u guys reminded me of her..thnq u so much fr shrng ur fmly recps.. :) 

  3. Khokon Mimi Khan says:

    dear chef, why don’t you post the ingredients in englsh? please please
    please post it in english.

  4. Anh Truong says:

    So all the video you make about cooking, these are the Somalia food??
    because I’m doing my project that I have to make a dish on Somalia food,
    I’m not sure if these recipes are the one I need

  5. Xawaash SomaliFoodBlog says:

    Now your sheikh can make his own Icun. Thank you very much for commenting
    and subscribing.

  6. naz tami says:

    can I use margarine instead of butter?thank you,.

  7. Xawaash SomaliFoodBlog says:

    You are welcome!

  8. Xawaash SomaliFoodBlog says:

    The only way to find out is to make them. :)

  9. truelady979 says:

    hmm they look delicious. Never heard of them, how do they taste?

  10. Xawaash SomaliFoodBlog says:

    الله يسلمك ويحفظك، الف شكر

  11. Waranle says:

    Can you show us how to do “a Somali Pie”, if there is a one :) btw this is
    a great channel, thank you

  12. Koob Tea says:

    تسلم الايادي جربتها اليوم واستعملت المارجرين مكان الزبد طعمها روعة
    والمقادير روعة شكرا جزيلا وجزاكم الله كل خير

  13. soulsistasolja says:

    Alhamdulilah for good food. I really love this biscuit,particularly with
    halwa and shaah.

  14. Xawaash SomaliFoodBlog says:

    This was popular in Somalia. It was one of the street foods.

  15. Aicha Haya says:

    Every time I watch one of your videos I feel like jumping in the kitchen
    and get-to-baking/cooking! it’s 9:17pm here and yes madbakha ayaan u sii
    socdaa, Lol. Barakallahu fiik!

  16. Xawaash SomaliFoodBlog says:

    You are most welcome, brother. Thank you for the comment.

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