Snowball Cookies | Christmas Cookie Collab #5

Snowball Cookies | Christmas Cookie Collab #5 – I’ve joined another recipe collab! This time I’m participating in a Christmas cookie exchange. Little D and I are making Snowball…
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Tea Cookies Christmas Cookies Christmas sweets Christmas cookies

For the dough: 1 X egg + 1 X egg yolk (extra), 500g flour, 1 X baking powder; 150g sugar (for the dough) 250g butter For preparation after baking: Milk, jam …
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  1. HeyThatsHolly says:

    Alex watched this with me and says “Those look good”! yum!

  2. dreamflight6000 says:

    That apron is ADORABLE!

  3. TheGruverFamily says:

    Looks great!

  4. SixOfOne HalfDozenOfTheOther says:

    This is soooo sweet!! 

  5. Mrssupermumm says:

    they look yummy, but don’t throw them at each other! lol I love littleD’s
    apron and great cooking skill too, x

  6. Crystal Evans says:

    The looks good

  7. Get In Shape With Lee says:

    Looks Yummy!

  8. Nicole Brown says:

    They look yummy! You’ve got a good little helper there. :) 

  9. dreamflight6000 says:

    We’re checking out our competition! ;) 

  10. Victorious Heart says:

    Ooh these look delicious! Ill definitely be trying them! Great job little

  11. MommyDavis says:

    Love it

  12. ThePJmommy says:

    Awesome!!! Your little helper did an amazing job!!!

  13. Kelly Sibson says:

    I love these cookies, my mom used to make them every Christmas. 

  14. giftoflifenc says:

    great job Little D these look amazing!! 

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