Simple gluten-free coconut flour cookies

Liz from Eccentric Eats shows us how to whip up a batch of tasty coconut flour cookies. Please subscribe for more healthy, paleo, gluten-free, celiac-friendl…

  1. D Rod says:

    You DID NOT forget to list the 1/2 teaspoon saly in the ingredients, I just
    saw it. Also any cake recipes with coconut flour would be cool too. Thanks
    love the channel.

  2. funny4life says:

    She ate uncooked eggs. :(

  3. eccentriceats says:

    Thanks for the comments :) I would agree as well and I’ve taken ‘paleo’ out
    from the video title.

  4. Kelly Christiansen says:

    you forgot to list 1/2 tsp salt when listing the ingredients, but you
    mention it when putting the dry ingredients into the bowl.

  5. Iqbal Naiyer says:

    Easy recipe and easy to make but not a scd friendly – but sugar can be
    substitute with honey or home made date syrup

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