Should i bake Shamrock Cookies?

Question by ♦!Jennie!♦: Should i bake Shamrock Cookies?
Tommorow is my Last day before Spring Break. And since St. Patricks day is on monday i thought i would be nice and bake cookies. Would you like some?

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Answer by JOCK
I have big biceps.

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  1. bowsgirl1 says:

    yes and thank you very much

  2. deedeetres says:

    Please… that sounds good….thanks for asking.

  3. Dai D says:

    I never had a Shamrock cookie before. I’ll try it.

  4. wo says:

    No, make green beer instead!

    Actually, I’d prefer the cookies… Thanks!

  5. Shamrock. says:

    I could sure use some!
    Thanks babe.

    *if you didn’t mean you’d bake them for me…I have a shamrock cookie cutter you could use. I’m nice that way ;) *

  6. Pink May says:

    Are you Irish? If so sure.

  7. imaginethat says:

    yes that would be fun

  8. JazzyCola says:

    What ever floats your boat.

  9. itsjustme says:

    Yes I think you should.

  10. shikigami_eyes24 says:

    heck yess i would, why would i pass up perfectly edible cookies, bring it on…wait…does milk come with it…lol

  11. AR-TARD says:

    yes you should bake some and yes i would like some

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