Shortbread Cookies Video Recipe

Shortbread Cookies Video Recipe How to make sensational shortbread cookies. You can also the recipe to make a slice, or any shaped shortbread biscuit you like! Please comment and rate my video :) Share With Friends – Subscribe – Facebook for extra hints and tips- Tweets – Ingredients: 1 Cup plain flour 140g softened butter ½ Cup castor sugar ½ Tsp vanilla essence/extract I hope you enjoy! :)
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Shortbread Cookies - Foodea Recipes

Delicious shortbread cookies that are great for the family.

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  1. 654binky says:

    if i put chocolate chips, does the recipe become , chocolate chip shortbread’?

  2. Annemarie Campbell says:

    how long to do I leave them in the oven I dont have a barbecue and what temp do I put them at?

  3. iamkaylaforlife says:

    Do you need to use vanilla?

  4. andreaxxfarrellyxoxo says:

    Thank u I made them and they were gorgeous I thought they would taste like scones by the look of them but I’m so glad they really do taste like biscuits :)

  5. ixcanxdream says:

    Does it have to be unsalted butter? thanks from the london :)

  6. Mymelodygirl123 says:

    i will use margerine instead of butter :p

  7. nimarocks1 says:

    Is your kitchen outside?

  8. AussieGriller says:

    Caster sugar is finer than normal sugar but not like powdered sugar, it’s still granulated. I think it’s called Superfine sugar in USA

  9. alexaisumm says:

    Is castor sugar the same as powdered sugar? Can I use granulated sugar instead? If so, at what measurement?
    I want to try out this recipe soon! Thanks in advance!

  10. gifted04eva says:

    You’re welcome. xD

  11. AussieGriller says:

    Thanks :) 

  12. gifted04eva says:

    Sooooooo simple yet effective!

  13. guapako23 says:

    instead of cookie tin can i put them on cookie jars?

  14. brawyn777 says:

    do you need to have cornstarch as well as flour,and how much butter,it looked like you had the whole lb in,i thought a cup of butter would be good enough,thanks

  15. Anglynn74 says:

    I made shortbread cookies last year & when they baked in the oven they flattened out like a pancake for some reason, never could get the recipe right & they kept flattening out. And I mean FLAT, as if the dough literally melted on the baking sheet into a liquid pancake-like mess, no clue why this kept happening.

  16. baking4ever says:

    Don’t you need vanilla for this?

  17. JusDuckie says:

    This chick is awesome! I have to bake something tomorrow, and I’m such a dummy in the kitchen. This video saved my butt!! Plus, I really loved that she uses a sterling silver fork because shortbread is “such a waspy cookie”! That really made me laugh!! She’s great. -very helpful!

  18. Disdoeverything says:

    parchment paper works too.then you might not have to cool them as long.i love your recipie /video so much because you dont have to cool can but i always want the product fast.oh yum

  19. KissHope says:

    Cookies don’t do well with margarine as there is too much water content in it. Also the vescosity is different, so your product texture will not come out the same. Try making again with salted butter and make sure it is not soft from sitting out, should be firm but not hard. To make them even lighter in texture, replace 1/4 cup of the flour with corn starch. That gives you a soft flour and cookies won’t be as compact and dense. Good luck.

  20. m120v12 says:


  21. peichienwu says:

    I find her very elegant..

  22. karen1231985 says:

    If your butter goes bad in a month you need to buy a different brand lol as long as you keep them in a cool/cold dry environment they should be fine

  23. adrianramdahin says:

    wouldn’t the butter taste rancid if its kept for at least a month?

  24. KMalina7 says:

    they were probably too close together, you need to make sure there’s enough space because they expand from the heat and you don’t want them getting stuck together

  25. KMalina7 says:

    very well done! loved the tips with the wax paper

  26. YoutubieNewbie says:

    I have been craving shortbread cookies, they just have to be homemade like this!

  27. brawyn777 says:

    how much butter do u use, is it the whole lb? i tried this with margarine,it did not turn out at all

  28. soulchild6969 says:

    Jammie dodgers?

  29. lolasorocks10 says:

    When I made them they melted in the oven so when I took it out it, it was one Giant thin cookie. I did everything the same as her. What did I do wrong?

  30. CFAMediaV7 says:

    I wanna fuck this chick so bad, im sure she has a lot of kids, since her husband came inside of her loads of times

  31. lannter says:

    What an innovative way to cut out a wax paper circle!! Will try it soon!

  32. PinkishBears says:

    leave her alone. so what if she says “cookies” instead of “biscuits” ffs. man.

  33. 3chocolatefudgecakes says:

    Lads, theres this biscuit/pastry type thing, i cant find it on the internet, dunno the name. Its a round shortbread biscuit with that fake sorta chocolate flavour cream between the 2 biscuits and then covered in it around the outside with sprinkles on the sides and a bitta chocolate cream on top n then a circle of jam on the very top in the middle. Anyone know the name of it?

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