Shortbread Cookie Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 255

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  1. HellooKittyyBabe says:

    Laura ! Do you have an Instagram ? If not , you should make one ! ^.^ Thumbs up so she can see (:

  2. vivihoneylove says:

    you are such a good chef and u r soo prettttyyyyy!!!!

  3. Jh112196 says:



  4. TheSjay101 says:

    Laura Is if me or do you have a hickey on your chest

  5. iloveyouuuu93 says:

    oh wow haha

  6. nadanoordin10 says:

    I made these, and they are SOOOO scrumptious!

  7. christhorizon194 says:

    “I’m not even going to wait for it to harden” :ifyouknowhwatImean:

  8. usagi18 says:

    Love your nail polish!!

  9. talieluv says:

    Relax no it isn’t….

  10. UltimateGrobanite says:


  11. GeminiFierce says:

    Lol That’s very observant of you. I had to play it back to see for myself =)

  12. shannon driscoll says:

    since i started making these cookies they have come out really nice and buttery and i would like to know if i could use an electric wisk to mix everything together? i love your show laura! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Bajucha23 says:

    It must also taste good with Nutella :)

  14. kloekat62 says:

    i have my first batch of these in the oven

  15. soft dream says:

    3:22 ..Hi camera man :D 

  16. TheNina123ification says:

    It’s almost 2 am and I’m still on Youtube watching Laura’s videos…TOTALLY WORTH IT!! :D

  17. talieluv says:

    i see that hickey laura work it.

  18. EshaniBaral says:

    Make the caramel chocolate bars!!

  19. SkyeGintama says:

    I just made this- but used Almond extract instead of Vanilla. It tasted awesome! This is a great recipe :D

  20. Amna Bukhari says:

    Dear Laura! I love this recipe !!!its our family’s favorite!!! my only problem is that I put exact amount of ingredients as it says on your website and i have made them a few times, but i see that your dough comes out so butttery and soft where as mine comes out very dry…so dry i end up adding more butter in the end! why is that!!??? please help me why my cookie dough comes out so dry where as yours is so buttery and i follow the ingredients very carefully!!!!

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