Setting Up a Candy Bar?

Question by LOLA07: Setting Up a Candy Bar?
I am having a candy bar, at a monthly luncheon I hold at my house with all the ladies in the family. This theme for the this month was Candy land. so i wanted a candy bar. does anyone have any ideas tips or suggestions, and decorating ideas(colors, ect). All serious answers please. Ten points to the best answer. thanks much.

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Answer by !Jeshyjellybean.
Candy canes instead of cocktail umbrellas.

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  1. Mr. Goodadvice says:

    that is TUFF to bake. but if you really feel the need, make peppermint bark. it’s not as hard as others and there are lots of recipes. but i still suggest a pie or cake or tart.

  2. ♫Ms Anthropy♫ says:

    When I think of candy colors I think of red and blue and pink and purple and yellow.
    You can get a big piece of cardboard and make it into a HUGE lollipop. Bear with me as I try to explain the rest of this:
    -separately, get rolls of streamer in the colors above (maybe get some white to even it out?)
    -staple one end of a very large strand of all the streamer colors
    - tape the stapled end above the lollipop
    -take each color of streamer (in the order they are placed in the strand and twist it so it’s kinda corkscrew, tape the free end of the streamer high up on an opposite or adjacent side of the room, in a fan like fashion

    Also, various shaped ballons and decorate them to look like candy with colored sharpies

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