Sesame Street: Irish Dancing School with Murray

Want to learn the Irish jig in time for St. Paddy’s Day? Tag along with Murray and Ovejita to visit Irish Dancing School. Where do you think Lord of the Danc…

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  1. Sesame Street says:

    Want to learn an Irish jig for St. Patrick’s Day?

  2. LastCynicStanding says:

    The word music in Irish is ‘ceol’
    The word shoe in Irish is ‘bróg’
    The word dance in Irish is ‘damhsa’
    Why the Spanish lesson about Irish dancing? Oh ya… zionist programming
    torture for children.

  3. dancedesignag says:

    That was reely(get the pun?) adorable, but 3-panel dresses are soooo out of
    style. So cute though.

  4. Orla Kelly says:

    *Paddy’s Day

  5. flwrgrl13 says:

    anyone do irish dancing? is so, whats it like? and is it fun compared to
    other dance genres? 

  6. Merrymolly23 says:

    I was dancing with Murray

  7. Alex Sanders says:

    2nd comment

  8. Don So says:


  9. Varangkana Vongprakasit says:

    Irish dance is really fun to learn :) 

  10. Joshua LaPerle says:


  11. Judy Punte says:


  12. Azim Rox says:


  13. Jessica Chavis says:


  14. Madel Dereka Paurom says:


  15. America runs on AG says:

    I Irish dance and today is my birthday!!!

  16. Perez says:


    J yon

  17. Colleen Graham says:

    Want to learn an Irish jig for St. Patrick’s Day?

  18. Daragh Cotter says:
  19. Terri Giannoulakis says:
  20. Sara Cevallos says:

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