Selling cookies at school?

Question by Bunny: Selling cookies at school?
I’ve always been a decent baker. I used to bring cookies to school alot to share with the class and always got compliments about them. Ive always liked baking cookies for people because baking is one of my passions. The only problem is, ingredients can get pricey and I go broke real fast. Recently, someone offered me money to bake them a batch of cookies. I realized that maybe selling my cookies would help me stay…well less broke. So I checked with my school, got permission, and now i sell chocolate chip cookies. A half dozen costs $ 2 and a full dozen $ 4.
I just wanted to know if this is a good price, and is there anything else I should do to help my little cookie buisness?

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Answer by C.M. C
Bunny, the prices you have quoted a fair, you have permission for the cookies, I wouldn’t stretch the friendship.

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  1. Norm says:

    Hey great! You can make a little extra and of course you never know when someone will want you to bake more. I live and work in China. We have no ovens here so baking is impossible for me but hey if i could get a dozen choc chip ones well…..

  2. Spring Flowers says:

    Sounds fun! The price should be okay.

  3. Never Thoughtless says:

    If its like a bake sale, it should be 50 cents a cookie or 3 for 1$ or $ 6.50 for a dozen

  4. Kelly says:

    Pricing sounds o.k. Wal-Mart sells their oven bakery cookies 12 for $ 2.00. I’d use baggies, the cheapest you can find and use that. Otherwise, you are selling the cookies and stick to that.

  5. 7 Words You Can't Say On T.V says:

    The price is fair, if you are not trying to make money but just cover your costs, people will understand.

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