Secret abandoned russian nuclear missle base in Lithuania

While riding in huge forest accidentally found a secret military base. It is completely deserted and one of the spookiest place I have ever been…
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In which John Green teaches you how Russia evolved from a loose amalgamation of medieval principalities known as the Kievan Rus into the thriving democracy w…

  1. Simon Doge says:

    damn, it looks like chernobyl there.

  2. Science'sLaboratory says:

    It was really bothering me that he never stepped inside :P . I want to see
    the cool stuff :P 

  3. Kyoshi Hide says:

    Plenty of these here.

  4. Roy C Horton says:

    Did you notice the figure at 3.45 ? Apparition ?(To the left and upright )

  5. megachinima101 says:

    u got balls going in there alone

  6. atomicdeath10 says:

    I’d like to take a metal detector out there, no telling what you’d find.

    But i’d go with other people, never alone in a place like that.

  7. TheEiriktan says:

    carry a weapon with u next time. there may be wild animals or junkies in
    those buildings

  8. eminemas000 says:

    it would be even more freaky if it was all cleared of leaves and stuff :O

  9. bramilian illian says:

    How did you know, they are secret military base ??

  10. TotalGeekTeam says:

    Nice motorcycle! 

  11. Fredrik Linnander says:


  12. trooper3030 says:

    you were not alone in there

  13. Cata Deluxus says:

    Wow thanks for sharing! Made me interested inro abandonned places now!

  14. dedoubecool says:

    I hope this is all accurate because I’m definitely using it in my exam
    tomorrow as a replacement for all the russian civilization lessons I’ve

  15. Matthew Abely says:

    At least Ivan the Terrible had the “integrity” not to hide that his
    intelligence apparatus was an evil league of evil.

  16. TheJodofe says:

    The truth about the founding of Kiev is actually a combination of both
    theories. Kiev already existed before the Vikings arrived, but it was only
    a small, unimportant town. Only after the Vikings made it into their
    capital did Kiev grow into a large and important city.
    Also, this is not really a theory as much as historical fact since the
    history of Kiev is very well documented.

  17. mshara1 says:

    John Green takes a neutral view towards the Mongols.
    However, before the Mongol invasion, Russia was a modern European kingdom.
    Whilst under Mongol yoke, Russia totally missed out on the Enlightenment,
    Setting up a system of feudal slavery and absolutist despotism, which
    persists under Putin.
    Everywhere the Mongols went, they set back urban civilization by centuries.
    Including permanently destroying much of the old civilizations of the
    Middle East.

  18. deadbutmoving says:

    So it was the Mongols that drove Russia away from Europe. No wonder
    Russians are so unique from Western Europeans. Luckily for the Russians,
    East Asian men tend not to be attracted to White women, so despite ruling
    Russia with an iron fist for 250 years, they rarely intermixed if at all;
    Hence Russians of today are still racially White.

  19. MyLostTemple says:

    Today’s Mongol is just another pro-Russia puppet nation of Russian

    Funny how once mighty empire just became the subjugated state by their own
    conquered nation today.

  20. RobosergTV - прохождение и летсплей игр says:

    so there are no “russians” nor there is a truly “russian state”, russians
    are just half breed ukranians/mongols and are coming from the slavic people
    from the Kievan Rus? And “russia” is just a confederation of different
    tribes all around the territory of todays “russia” ? Is that about right? 

  21. general_war says:

    it’s a little ironic for an american to criticize putin’s authoritarian
    if you take NSA into account, of course.

    The worst kind of slavery is that where you think you are free

    at least russians know putin’s a dictator

  22. Richard Alexander says:

    I studied Russian language a few times (and almost remember some of it)
    when I was a teen, then I took a class on Russian history and culture in
    college. I love history, geography and how things change.

    The Mongols are fascinating, too. 

  23. Valiy Gresheevich says:

    I am Russian, and I’ll tell
    1. The Slavs were not slave
    2. Slavs colonized the territory of modern Russia, at least in the copper
    age, see the culture of the Indo-Europeans
    3. Origin of the word Slavs has many versions, I think the word invented by
    the Greeks, as the tribes of the western Slavs often led into slavery, the
    Slavs called themselves Ruses.
    4. Tatar Mongol yoke was not, was the country of Tartary.

  24. Tyr Caelestis Consus says:

    Where is this random info coming from? The legend states that
    noblemen(Rjurik) of scandinavian descent who where already trading in
    modern day russia and ukraine came to rule the slavic people living there.
    The reason was supposedly protection and better trade. Nobody ever said
    that the swedish moved to russia…

  25. Vlad Kozachenko says:

    Kievan Rus and Russia are two different things. The language from the rus
    ist more like ukrainian and belarus. Russian is more like bulgarian.
    Russias past is Novgorod Republic later Moscow empire. 

  26. Karfarov UA says:

    russia has nothing to do with Kievan Rus. Kievan Rus is Ukraine. When
    Kievan Rus was the mighties state of EUrope Moscovy wasn’t even founded

  27. Strelok Prypyat says:

    Russians saved the world from fascism . Shameless freaks flipping history .
    Want us to win , you will not succeed . All you can do is lie . Information
    warfare is your horse . The genocide of Russians.

  28. ZabuzaMomochi03 says:

    Wow, I always thought the word Salv derives from the Latin word slave. I
    know I’m probably wrong about this, but didn’t Hitler think it was okay to
    enslave/destroy Russians because they were Slavic…meaning ancestors of

  29. Otto Weber says:

    Hey, John Green, man, slow down, dude! Maybe you have a such a Jim Carrey
    charisma, but you don’t fit in a historical debate, or monologue,
    Chill down, Joe!! Green!!! You are too green to teach others about….

  30. Briggie says:

    9:50 Yet another attitude which still persist to this day.
    He should do more videos on medieval eastern/central Europe.

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