Seattle’s Fortune Cookie Factory

Tim Louie, a fourth-generation manager of the Tsue-Chong Noodle and Fortune Cookie factory in Seattle’s International District, describes how making fortune cookies became a part of the family business. This is a video I produced, reported, filmed, and edited for the
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  1. fatttrect29 says:

    pussy cookie..

  2. omnobore says:

    “because in asian there is no Fortune Cookie dude of couse the made in USA”

    lol what did he say?


    this is bullshit, does he realize how much money he is probably losing by not making these over seas…lol kidding guys

  4. 0mousse0 says:

    freaking hate the cookie part of a fortune cookie, it’s glossy and gross.

  5. EatRiceTV says:

    its made by chinese FOBs tho

  6. TheSuperRocketman says:

    ironic how the fortune cookies that are in Chinese restaurants are made in Seattle

  7. Nationofhonor says:

    It’s sad that immigrants have more motivation to do work than half of the people in this country.

  8. ErickMIU says:

    so your telling me this guy the guy who been making the shitty fortune ?

  9. Psunfire says:

    yeah u can he hates his job …..

  10. sgloo89 says:

    keep it going

  11. aznxkigga says:

    great example of immigrants making something of themselves and living the american dream. RESPECT.

  12. PikaThunder1 says:

    …in bed ha

  13. LittleNiggle says:

    thanks for ruining my fucking dreams in the first 10 seconds of the video ass hole!

  14. Steven23490 says:

    they can sometimes be nice

  15. C2torials says:

    his left eye creeps me out

  16. PSNMarksmanSniper says:

    time to make all different favorite of fortune cookie now, mango, strawberry, lemon, chili, mmmmmmmmmmm

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