Scented Halloween Cookie Charms ( Polymer Clay )

I love Halloween, so I was inspired to make these scented cookies charms (made with polymer clay) which I eventually turned into a key chain. DOUGH: The “dou…

This is a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to make Halloween cookies! It’s super easy and fun! To view Video Click Here: For a …
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  1. kawaii pie says:


  2. Kimberly Sotelo says:

    Sheriann Bryan who cares they are friends and even if she is doing the same thing that doesn’t mean she is copying her

  3. karinaulloa77 says:

    can you use tLs

  4. Sheriann Bryan says:

    Stop copying paper pastel

  5. Amber Reyes says:


  6. Skeletonlady120 says:

    Do u use the app called iMovie because I’m pretty shore you are? I’m not shore…

  7. JenGoesRawr4780 says:

    i wanna eat them

  8. Sophia Colodner says:

    OMG at around 2:50 the music got all scratchy and stuff like a broken record! Soooo creepy!

  9. Fiona Cockerill-Ghanem says:

    I love your vids but that song was really really wired!!

  10. Kyle Slater says:

    Where do you get the chains from? Do they sell it on like Amazon or at Michaels?

  11. LoneWolForever says:

    She might use them for charms on bracelets or necklaces, or just keep a collection of them.

  12. sian jackson says:

    good drawing i luved it

  13. kay9261 says:


  14. PinkPuffyPerson says:

    Yes or the paint will smear

  15. rebornlove15 says:

    yes you bake the cookie then glaze

  16. kay9261 says:

    If anyone who could please answer my question: Do you have to let the paint dry before you use glossy glaze stuff?

  17. KaitLilly says:

    Just wondering do you bake the charm before adding acrylic paint??? Because I thought acrylic paint was flammable…. o_o

  18. lpslovernamedflulffy says:

    o.0 wat does she do with most of her Charms XD

  19. anapalalaie says:

    Yoyomax 12

  20. Michele Baratta says:

    Hi Amir: You should be fine keeping the dough in the fridge for a few days. Just be sure you put the dough in an air tight ziploc bag.
    Thanks for the question! :) Michele

  21. Amir Shamsi says:

    after i make the dough can i put it in the fridge for 3 or 4 days will that make any difference

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