Russian Troops on American Soil

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  1. OrangeMedal2 says:




  3. hitmanpfc says:

    Its not Obama, its your friends, and family. The one’s that call them selves free Masons, so get your facts right. Honestly I dont care what happens. Gonna live life the best way I can. And give respect where earned.

  4. John Dubz says:

    Americans are so fucked in their heads that I bet 90% of them this is real and are probably prepping for some end of the world type shit lol Thats why im glad to be CANADIAN

  5. David H says:

    This guy is in idiot for posting this. ALL BS!!!!!

  6. crom260 says:

    you have no idea what your talking about…..and should not be allowed on the internet.

  7. Girlfora freeAmerica says:

    Well, after 911 this nation put a terrorist in the White House, so of course they are going to use Russian troops for the next Boston Marathon. Doesn’t that line up with the U.S government’s logic?

  8. todd irish says:

    Foreign troops on U.S.A. soil is not needed and is a bad idea.It isn’t 2 hard 2 see why people are concerned and wondering why this decision came about,if it’s foreign relations, we could send out some cookies maybe instead. Our National Guard is more than capable 2 help and protect us with the entire 4 federal military forces as a immediate back up.On the other hand,if we have good helping relations, and want 2 consider keeping a type of world police we could sure use the help helping others.

  9. kson collins says:

    I don’t know about all that lol sounds like the narrator is a little paranoid.

  10. alxspamxxx says:

    you stupid buster if you don’t know Russian and chechnias are have war between them!author go to wikipidia and read!stupid cunt!why you americans are so paranoic????are all us citizens are brainless like you?dont listen this idiot he makes propaganda!fucking cunt!

  11. xanavy says:

    Russian military have been trained for years by the U.S. military. The person that made this video is simply paranoid!

  12. laserus3333 says:

    1500 American Veterans (I say Veterans simply due to skillset and training, I know many Self-trained Americans would wreak havoc as well) 1500 Men. Each taking out 10 of the foreign Rusky’s each, would end this shit! and some would take out more ,some less.If I was a Russian Soldier this is the last country on earth I would want to do my tour of duty. if I was an American Government person who allowed this ,Id move to Russia Forever.

  13. Ruduwatchyour6 says:

    Men and women prepair to defend yourselves!!!!

  14. Luciferian Doctrine says:

    Maybe somebody should see …….. Henry Makow dot com.

  15. James Nava says:

    The reason they are here is because Our own troops and police wont do what our governments what them to do!

  16. stuart skinner says:

    we need to fill the streets with peaceful ex-freemasons, quietly tearing up their aprons and ditching those rings and insisting their (apparently) elected representatives do the same. break that criminal oath and give your kids a chance. there’s never been a chance like this because fm has never been so desperate as to reveal itself to so many it intends only misery.

    it is a thing: not a ‘they’
    there’s everything you can do
    nothing is inevitable
    and no-one is expendable

  17. stuart skinner says:

    there seems to be a bit of a hurry on, doesn’t there? in a short while (if not now) it will be possible to make people live indefinitely. that is not something that freemasonry is going to share with the masses who it wants reduced to a fraction of current numbers – rings or no rings. there are other technological imperatives but there’s the top one for me.

  18. stuart skinner says:

    most governments answer to freemasonry. it is selling itself as saviour of mankind; encouraging people to imagine it is kinda socialist. the fact is it is it couldn’t give a hoot for human life, its quality or human rights. its mission is to c o n t r o l at any cost. when your democracy is completely destroyed, you will see the true purpose of why it put all those (one-way loyalty) death oaths on people.

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