Russian Leaders See Plans for U.S. – NATO War With Russia Over Ukraine

Russian Leaders See Plans for U.S. -  NATO War With Russia Over Ukraine

Russian Leaders See Plans for U.S. – NATO War With Russia Over Ukraine Russia’s Gen. Ivashov: “I Assume that the Foreign Ministry Understands We Are at War” …
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  1. LaRouchesupport says:

    Pinpointing The Wizards Behind UKRAINE TODAY or Who We Fight(full doc)

  2. Wearechange! says:

    Sorry, but anyone have this video in spanish? Apologize for my poor
    english. Thank you very much.

  3. Edward Harold Butler says:

    I agree with Mr. LaRouche 1000% .
    The USA controlled government by foreign powers wants war.

    We need to standup and stop it now before it is too late to do so.

  4. LaRouchesupport says:

    Russian Leaders See Plans for U.S. – NATO War With Russia Over Ukraine

  5. ukpropaganda says:

    3:26 I have said for a long time that the real reason why immigration to
    western countries has been done and accelerated is because these people are
    mere pawns in a game, where they will become the ‘enemy within’ which the
    indigenious people will fight.
    Why else would people of incompatible backgrounds be brought in?
    This has been the long term plan all along.

  6. shockolanul says:

    Dear Lady, removing Mr. Hussein from power will not prove to be of any help
    towards defusing the situation, just like removing George Bush wasn’t the
    answer when USA elected Mr. Hussein.
    The only way this situation can be defused is if the US public will not
    comply with a new war against an enemy your own size. Please be advised
    that it was hard wining Iraq and Afghanistan… those are pinpricks
    compared to Russia.

  7. Richard Griffith says:

    If the Big boys from each side want war, then there will be war! The
    sheeple have no control in any country on this planet to change this! The
    elite 1%ers decide our fate whether we like it or not! We are
    powerless!>google or youtubevideo>the Act of 1871-united states
    Corporation>this will show you how the USA was hijacked by our own
    Congress, and we lost control over our country back then!

  8. shockolanul says:

    Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece are almost ready to unite.

  9. Edward Harold Butler says:

    2 American ships heading to the black sea with AL(CIA)DA agents aboard to
    infuriated the Ukraine and start another war like Syria in the Ukraine
    would not be a surprise too most of us at all.

    The USA government said the 2 ships are heading to the Olympic games incase
    of a terrorist attack.

  10. Edward Harold Butler says:

    Wonder where the terrorist are too , maybe on the American ships to get
    dropped off to the Ukraine on the way and some to the games to cause

    Not no surprise to me anymore.

  11. lisa lansing says:

    Its not the US people like you accuse, You say the US wants war, NO the US
    people do NOT want more war! We are SICK of loosing our men and woman to
    war! If you want to know where the real problem is, Check out the United
    Nations. They are the ones in control of every single State and government
    state IN THE WORLD. THEY WANT WAR, they want our countries to fight one
    another. Don’t people get it? 

  12. Hilka Nander says:

    The Yanks are going to get their fat asses handed over to them… that’s
    for sure!

  13. Garrett Cummins says:

    I agree with him as well….. The united states federal government and its
    masters want a major war…

  14. christph3118 says:

    Well said

  15. TheSquishyMonster says:

    Lovely touch with the dip in chocolate! 

  16. Pitmaster X says:

    Your dog cracks me up and yur cookies make me drool. I love this channel

  17. Asia Eats says:

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  18. Nandemo Guy says:

    I gotta say… one of your best videos yet! Id make these but Im the only
    one that likes pistachios and I wouldnt want to make them just for myself.

  19. Steven Simonitch says:

    Congrats on your first collaboration! This a beautiful recipe, I loooove

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