Rolled Sugar Cookie Recipe : How to Use Metal Cookie Cutters for Rolled Sugar Cookies

Learn how to use metal cookie cutters for rolled sugarcookies with expert baking tips in this free holiday recipe video clip. Expert: Jennifer Cail Bio: Jennifer Cail has been cooking and baking since she could reach the stove at the age of 4. She has been studying pastry-making almost as long, going so far as to meet the White House pastry chef. Filmmaker: randy primm

Nyan Cat Sugar Cookies – Quake N Bake ft. Catrific Check Out Cat!! – This video will show you: How to make rainbow sugar cookies How to make nyan cat cookies How to decorate sugar cookies How to make icing glue What you will need: For the cookies: 1 egg 2 bags of cookie mix flour black, red, yellow and blue gel colors Royal icing Skittles rolling pin rectangle cookie cutters Kitten face cookie cutter (I made mine using this tutorial – ) Royal Icing recipe: 3 egg whites 5 cups of powdered sugar Use this tutorial – Icing glue recipe: 1/2 cup powdered sugar 2 tsp milk Music used in this video – B4bbs – Send your creations to me on twitter!! @ihascupquake
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. barbr316 says:

    Rocket Science!

  2. SFLove13 says:

    Wow there was NO POINT TO THIS! HOW STUPID

  3. minecraftzx555 says:

    Because shes to awesome <3

  4. StaceyAnnaMiner says:

    but wouldnt it be cool if quake met chim instead of red that would be so adorable :3 lol jkjkjkj

  5. JDTBLACKOPS says:

    They are sexy but epicmealtime is better

  6. JDTBLACKOPS says:

    1:17 cat has a thing that it look like a penis

  7. SuperCaptainAwesome2 says:

    Ohhh hell no. She’s already married to Red

  8. Gamefreak4304 says:

    It’s an delicious editble rock!

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    Cupquake- Flour is your friend here.
    Me-…but i’m allergic to flour D:

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  13. MrShino505 says:

    lol u bake awesome and you have a pack of cup noodles teehee

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  15. Dragonborn760 says:

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  19. begginerz says:

    #/5 i would give Well Lack of Space And pretty organised SO 3/5

  20. luciboym says:

    Baaaah OMG You Americans are so crazy Baaah tooo much sugar

  21. Penguinpoker6 says:

    looks like they had mustaches

  22. candycake703 says:

    wow. looking at that conversation makes me mad

  23. jovan canales says:

    Haha if you want a challenge make a small wooden house (cake)

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