Rilakkuma Cookies (baking tutorial)

These are really easy to make. Just make a simple cookie dough and add some cocoa powder to 3/4 of it. This way you can create any kind of fun animal & chara…

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  1. zoraya lopez says:

    Hola me encanta todo lo que haces porfa pon subtitulos en español gracias

  2. DIYMadeEasy says:

    hallo, diese sehen so gut!! sie sind wirklich süß

  3. GentlemanBunny says:

    I think so.. try it =)

  4. LilBaby Bubblebut says:

    um can u use vanila extract instead of vanilla sugar?

  5. GentlemanBunny says:

    No problem =)

  6. Mitchelle Lee says:

    Thank you so much for writing the conversions! I’m going to make this!!

  7. GentlemanBunny says:

    Thanks :) !

  8. AHH COOKIE says:

    Looks like a bear. Doesn’t look like rilakuma. Nice video. I love baking :

  9. Vicky Lee says:

    @xbobixdancex lol grow up kid!!! she could do whatever she wants, its her video not your’s okay?

  10. GentlemanBunny says:

    Thank you. I’m glad to hear that :)

  11. GentlemanBunny says:

    Thank you!

  12. GentlemanBunny says:

    Thanks =)

  13. marcibnjmn says:

    Thank you I made it today and it was very good n my kids loved it.

  14. cailee ingram says:

    great idea

  15. 2KrAzYfriends says:

    1. She doesn’t speak english as her first language so don’t judge.
    2. You don’t NEED all the fancy things to cook something, I would know featuring I’m in Culinary School.
    3. If how someone speaks bothers you, don’t watch. Easy as that.

  16. xbobixdancex says:

    3 things to tell you.

    1.Speak up. I can’t even hear what the heck you’re mumbling.
    2.Use proper utensils and measuring cups&Spoon. buy one jeesh.
    you can’t just use spoons and forks. you need to have all of them
    in order for you to bake properly. it is not just decorating and art stuff ya knoww.
    3.Use similies and metaphors,and Adjectices. descrive and tell us
    what you’re exactly doing. not saying “like this, like that” all the time.
    we may not understand you at all time so yeas.

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