Relatively healthy cookie recipes for a long road trip?

Question by Kaitou: Relatively healthy cookie recipes for a long road trip?
One of my best friends will be going on a 20-some hour road trip and I would like to make a good snack for him to take. Cookies are pretty easy to make and easy eat while driving. Since this is during the summer I’d like to avoid chocolate so they don’t melt in the car, but anything suggestions are welcome.

I’m counting on you folks! He’s also big on peeps and chocolate covered pretzels if that gives a small window into his taste.

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  1. Rhea says:
    Take this recipe and replace the two sticks of butter with 1/2 cup applesauce and 1/2 plain yogurt. Replace the chips with whatever you want… marshmallows, pretzels, fresh or dried fruit… anything you want. If you make teaspoon-sized scoops, you get about 40 cookies. And they’re really tasty.

  2. Em L says:

    well for imformation since its summer dont use peeps, chocolate or any melting substance that would ruin the car. and mabe you can ask him before he leaves mabe a week before he leaves ask him what cookies do you like? he could like oatmeal cookies for example so if you want a good pretzle recipe you can use yogurt instead and if he like rasinets thats on the road! now you might think thats a lot of stuff to buy but if you find a healthy hit like if he loves salad you could make a salad (dont put too much dressing on it)you can also use um like mini joe joes even though they have chocolate on it you can freeze them on a stick ,put it in one of those (keep the tempature)bags and you can give it to him,not only tasty but it freshens your breath. but if you didnt like my answer thats okay because these are the methods i used for my friend that was going on a 18 hour trip and wanted a minty treat and she loved the pretzlas. but hope you at least try one of these!

    (remember, dont you marshmellows like peeps,chocolate or any lquidy, sticky thing that will make the trip as you say(uncomfortable)
    well, enjoy!!!! and good luck! :)

  3. Mae W says:

    I personally would go with peanut butter or oatmeal cookies.

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