Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Nummy Nummy Cookie Time!! You have to try this simple recipe. Try it with different flavors of cookie batter and candy to suit your taste.
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  1. deanna teverbaugh says:

    these are cute for valentine’s day if you color your dough pink and use
    white chocolate reese’s then place one little conversation heart candy on
    top of the reese’s :) thank you for sharing!

  2. ressss says:

    do you think the same amount of dough would work if using a heart shaped

  3. Debra Sellrs says:


  4. ItsMimiZLife says:

    Omg! Looks yummmm :)

  5. Arron Lamey says:

    I thumbs downed you for telling your dog to shut up for drinking water. God
    forbid the dog is thirsty. It’s bad enough he can’t eat chocolate…

  6. pallie1240 says:

    om i am hungry now looks soo good

  7. maygar627 says:

    looks so yummy! thanks for sharing!

  8. itsxelenOfficial says:

    Yummy, i love recess.

  9. Annonymous says:


  10. maygar627 says:

    looks so yummy!! thanks for sharing!

  11. sandrachain77 says:

    I am gonna have to try these… My mouth was watery as I was watching you
    make them. Lol

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