Cookies turned cupcakes. These decadent little bite sized treat have a delicious combined flavour of chocolate and peanut butter .. yum! :) Ingredients: 1 1/…

  1. ItaloCanadese says:

    You didn’t see the cookie tray go in the oven? This bloody video is barely over 3 min long. How can you have such a short attention span? Raw eggs that aren’t past their expiry date and are not regulated by a third world country, are nothing to fear. I have three raw eggs every morning before my work-out. Yes, they did taste disgusting at first, but you get used it.

  2. Chelsea G says:


  3. GregsKitchen says:

    looking good!

  4. smoshyfan22 says:


  5. Kayla Gonzalez says:

    Raw egg??

  6. DucTapeDynasty says:

    Love it!

  7. Richard Lawrence says:

    My heart can’t take it…please…stahp…I need to be healthy!!

  8. officialluke says:

    Oh wow :) will try tomorrow x

  9. MrBlackboy21ful says:

    Oh my this is a naughty dish

  10. Mary Blythe says:

    Yessss and Aussie youtuber finally

  11. 1985jakov says:

    Omg karma!! That otakurocks person, sounds like a stalker! Call the police!! Scary!

  12. OnePotChefShow says:

    OMG so so naughty!!! I wish I was back up there with you so we could pig out on those babies :)

  13. manysharptongues says:

    ha! I just had a Reese’s earlier. :) Great vid.

  14. ranoo513 says:


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