Recipes Russian

Recipes Russian

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Official sochi2014 site – Created in FL Studio 10 + nexus plugin. Aranged by Rockendary music. Subscribe to ITN News: A short film showing 2000 people in Swe…

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  1. easy recipes says:
  2. shockwave2291 says:

    Well, this beats the crap out of any national anthem performance the US has
    ever done in the Olympics. Take some notes while watching Americans.

  3. Randomaited says:

    The Soviet anthem was better.

  4. MrJagerFTW says:

    I think this is one of the most inspiring and best national anthems in the
    world. (I’m British before anyone says I’m Russian). The rendition of it in
    the opening ceremony was incredible as well. I mean come on England ‘God
    save our gratuitous Queen’ really? At least do Jerusalem I think a lot of
    country’s could learn from the Russian national anthem to help make people
    proud of the nation they come from!

  5. kanya choonit says:

    War is coming!

  6. avenger1212 says:

    The Russians have one of the best anthems out there. Hands down. I’m not
    even Russian and it makes me feel a sense of pride.

  7. IKurtC says:

    so beautiful melody, wish my national anthem were as awesome as the russian

  8. Maria Jose says:


  9. Marko B says:

    The glowing jackets were tacky as heck but can’t argue with the tune.

    That’s an anthem not those funeral marches some countries use.

  10. clownsandcandycorns5 says:

    i remember one of the guys in the red glowing jackets missed his mark and
    had to walk back XDD

  11. Jerry Z says:

    Dictatorship usually knows how to stir the hearts and minds of its people.
    Great song of course and it serve to that purpose well.

  12. IkeandMike1 says:

    I like how the announcer tells them to “START”. Gotta love authoritarian

  13. Boo Man says:

    Putin ruined the games by invading Ukraine. 

  14. BrandonVANQ says:

    Holy fuck this is beautiful

  15. Sean McKell says:

    awesome, the Ruskies may be the most powerful singers on the planet

  16. liljason171 says:

    Whats with the audio cutting in and out after 1:20 ?

  17. ArpadHimler says:

    The most beautifull anthem!!!

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