Recipe: Pink Cookies

Recipe: Pink Cookies

1 c. powdered sugar
1 c. shortening
1/2 t. salt
3/4 c. chopped pecans
1 egg
1/4 c. milk
1 t. vanilla flavoring
1/2 t. lemon flavoring
4 c. cake flour
Icing Ingredients (below)

Mix all ingredients into a smooth dough. Roll into a log shape and cut into 1-inch slices.
Make an indention in the center of each cookie by pressing with thumb. Bake about 10 minutes at 350°, until just light brown.

Icing Ingredients:
1/4 c. oil
1/4 c. white Karo syrup
1 T. water
drop red food coloring
pinch of salt
1/8 t. (or slightly more) Cherry flavoring
1 c (or more) powdered sugar
1 1/2 t. maraschino cherry juice

Bring oil, Karo syrup and water to a boil. Transfer to a mixing bowl and add flavorings and powdered sugar until it becomes a thick paste. Continue mixing until smooth. Add cherry juice to reach consistency to drop into the indention of cooked cookies. May also add a piece of chopped cherry to the indention.

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