Raw Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

This is a raw version of the oatmeal cookie…enjoy!
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  1. teresaveg says:

    I LOVE your videos. I am a midwestern cheese, corn everything & cheese girl going raw. Have been for 10 days. We crave what we know and let me tell you, your videos have made it easier for my husband and I to go raw. Thank you very much. Would like to see some new videos from you so you can let us know how you are doing! If you’re not still raw, it’s ok. You have an entire list of followers ready to cheer you on again! And I love your Southern Belle voice.

  2. SmilingEyes79 says:

    That looks like caca.

  3. princessiam123 says:

    Hi just now found your comment-sorry! I’m a carolina gal. Yes here organic and raw is unheard of. Very foreign to everyone here.

  4. princessiam123 says:

    Hi not sure was along time ago-till done?

  5. Thegormiti16 says:

    For how long?

  6. silentom313 says:

    These were awesome! Thanks for the video

  7. boxdown says:

    thanks great job:)

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