Quickie: Why I hate the Orly Tough Cookie Base Coat

Quickie: Why I hate the Orly Tough Cookie Base Coat

Music provided by: Kevin MacLeod Follow Me: twitter.com/luxuriousguru Hey guys! This is a quick video explaining why I hate the Orly Tough Cookie Base Coat. It is horrible!!! Disclaimer: I bought this product myself with my own money. I then returned it becuase I hated it,lol! I am not affiliated with the company nor am I getting paid to make this video.
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  1. doglolvid says:

    My nails are oily any nail polish any base coat comes out in 2 days but i had the seche vite i would just put on lot s of coats of seche vite cut your nails short know stick it on with seche vite and wala perfect face nails they are strong and are like real nails! Well at least mine :/

  2. ang3l4ev3r says:

    same happened here :/

  3. Hana Kim says:

    well…you can use them for fake nais?

  4. behappy051095 says:

    It’s good if u want a design 4 a short time and ur 2 lazy 2 use nail polish remover

  5. Gummy Bear says:

    I have a mini tough cookie bottle…its basecoat and I left it on for awhile but then it started to peel away! I’m glad I didn’t but the full bottle because I like to buy things in mini form before I buy the regular because I usually try new polishes

  6. WhitehouseProds says:

    huh wierd this didnt happen to me. i applied it and my nails became stronger- April fools!! this basecoat was AWFUL! the same thing happened to me! expect after my nails dried and 30 minutes later its peeled off >>>>:(

  7. Leopardgirl67 says:

    I bought this stuff because I read that it will help to build strength in your nails, what a load of CRAP….I did a nice water marble yesterday and i just peeled it all off because of the tough cookie base coat…I wish I could get my money back!

  8. bibblebubble123 says:

    actually the same thig happend to me but that is not the basecoat that was the top coat.there was another bottle from orly and that one is the basecoat i read tha tag on it when i bought it.

  9. MissGlamarellaaa says:

    well at least you can keep the design lol. that would be gross if you kept it. ignore that :)

  10. Gaia O'Hare says:

    Was so disappointing to spend time making pretty nails then they came off that day D: I thought it would be a good base coat because of the description. Such a useless base coat!

  11. transformersgirl971 says:

    Omg that has happened to me but from an other polish brand :( :(

  12. estaceliloui says:

    That tends to happen to me if I use a lot of coats, like with some of the thinner polishes (cheaper) where I have to do many coats to get an opaque color. But it has happened with other Orly base coats that are nail strengtheners. I would agree though, that the Tough Cookie one is especially bad, I’ve had that happen twice!! My brother was disgusted by seeing what looked like my nails on the table afterward, by the way…HA HA!!

  13. jubilanis says:

    Blah! I’m glad it didn’t happen just with me, but with more people too! LOL
    I tried to use more than 4 times, but it’s just IMPOSSIBLE to last the polish on the nail with this base coat. A shame, because i had to buy on ebay (I’m from Brazil) and I paid around BRL 25,00 for this stupid bottle! If I had seen this video before, I wouldn’t spend that money on this thing… what a waste!!

  14. sjm14464 says:

    That’s So weird! The designs of that cheetah were really cute though! :)

  15. katscandance says:

    I use orly nail strengthening & base coat, and it’s the BEST basecoat EVA!

  16. smiley60714 says:

    OMG! To Dakota: Please do not buy Sally Hansen No More Breaks Natural Nail Strengther. It has the same effect as Orly Tough Cookie Basecoat. It ships off right away in the same shapes as my fingers. The other day, I was getting ready for a sleepover and did my nails. An hour later I saw almost all of my nails chipped of completely! I was wondering why, but then I knew! It’s the basecoat…

  17. Foxycyclegoddess says:

    Oh and I use Orly nail armor as a base coat… :-) my polish lasts for a week with little or no chiping. Also, if I use gems tough cookie works great to keep them on all week long. :-)

  18. Foxycyclegoddess says:

    I use it as a top coat and it works amazing as a top coat….. Well for me…. Give it a try if you haven’t already :-)

  19. karelyba says:

    You’re completely wrong, i never use fake nails, and this happened to me too!!! the first time i used i thought i was doping someting wrong until i did my mom’s nails and used as a base coat and the same thing happened, so i change of base coat!!

  20. artsyalex says:

    Nail polish stickers!

  21. Shaina Alexa Côté says:

    It didnt do it to me tough :/

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