Question About Homemade Dog Cookie?

Question by legacygirl2002: Question About Homemade Dog Cookie?
Hi I was going to make a homemade dog cookie. I saw a recipe online called cheese bone cookies treat for dog. The ingredents said garlic and cheese. I read on other sites that garlic is toxic to dog cooked or powder etc. So is dairy. Why would they write recipe that can be dangerous to dog? I don’t understand. Please unconfuse me here.

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Answer by Zyrilia
A small amount of garlic is most certainly NOT toxic to dogs. Dairy products aren’t either – but both can cause digestive distress, and serious gas issues (at least, they did in my dog – couldn’t light a match in the room when he’d had garlic and/or milk LOL )

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  1. Gnometomes says:

    The cheese is for flavor…what dog won’t eat cheese and the garlic is a natural flea repellant. The small amounts of garlic and cheese contained in each individual treat shouldn’t harm any dog.

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