Question about fortune cookies?

Question by Mr Winky: Question about fortune cookies?
Is it true that if you save the fortune it will come true but if you throw it away it won’t or if someone else somehow comes in posession of your fortune it will come true for them?

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Answer by Cister
Oh c’mon, is all bs!
Just to help you digest all the sugar, fat and msg.

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  1. lily potter says:

    Although many people do not take the message in a fortune cookie as a serious oracular device, many of them consider it part of the game that the entire cookie must be consumed in order for the fortune to come true. Variations on this idea include not eating the cookie if a fortune seems unlucky, or the idea that the entire cookie must be eaten before the fortune is read. Or conversely, the fortune must be read before any of the cookie is eaten. Some people believe the fortune will not come true if it is read aloud, or read at all. Other people follow rules involving how the cookie is selected — including selecting a cookie with closed eyes, passing a cookie to another person at the table, or choosing the cookie that seems to be pointing directly at you.

  2. bsghost123 says:

    I have hundreds of them and not one has come true.

  3. Friendly Pagan Sociopath says:

    That’s just a bunch of bolonga, not truth.

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