Q&A: Why are my magic cookie bars coming out gooey?

Question by Hai: Why are my magic cookie bars coming out gooey?
Other magic cookie bars I have had aren’t gooey like mine, I have to put mine in the fridge to let them set up before I can even cut them!!! I do the graham cracker crust (made w cracker crumbs & butter) then choc chips then nuts then coconut & pour condensed milk on top. bake @ 350 for 25 minutes!!!! Any ideas?
So….. I shouldn’t actually make the graham cracker crust before I put the ingredients in? I usually mix the butter & crumbs together & press it down (like when you make a cheesecake) then do the layers

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Answer by Ey E
perhpas you are using too mcuh condensed milk – id recommend adding something tasty to thicken it- perhaps try crushed biscuits or more nuts, or even a small amount of rice bubble cereal

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  1. SMEE says:

    i think that maybe the condensed milk melted/softened more and then seaped into the bottom mixture..probably why it came out all gooey.

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