Q&A: White chocolate chips with sugar cookies?

Question by anonymous: White chocolate chips with sugar cookies?
I have a package of the sugar cookie mix, and was wondering if I could put in white chocolate chips and have it taste, well, good.

I mean, for example, you can’t put chocolate chips and expect it to be as good as a chocolate chip cookie, right?
Damien (or anyone else that can answer): is there anything I can put in to increase the moisture content? If so, what?

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Answer by Jane
sugar cookies are a drier cookie than the standard choc chip cookie. they won’t taste the same. but they will taste good enough.

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  1. Damien M. Cross says:

    You could. The only concern I would have is that they might not hold up as well, since you’d be throwing off the moisture content by adding the white chocolate chips.

    On the plus side, they’d still be tasty. They might just end up spreading more than you’d like, and be thinner than you’d like.

  2. ☆Purp Haze☆™ says:

    itd be alright but u should jus leave it alone sugar cookies taste jus as good by itself. just add sprinkles sugar crystals

  3. Amy says:

    you should leave sugar cookies by themselves but i like them with chocolate chips even though theyre not meant to be like that and most people dont like it but i love chocolate i can eat it with anything.
    this sounds gross, my friend showed me. french fries dipped in chocolate icecream. at first i was like wtf?!?!?!? but now whenever i eat fries i have to have chocolate icecream. mmmmmmmmm some people NEED ketchup, i NEED chocolate icecream. hope you try it even though i went off topic. i tend to ramble a lot so ill stop. HOPE I HELPED!

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